ISTRIAN de Dignan – ECOMUSEUM was established to improve the local quality of life, promoting the values of cooperation, work and solidarity between the members and the local community.The sense of belonging, the care taken to protect the most ancient traditions and the strenuous search for the quality, are source of inspiration for us.

The Ecomuseum members are developing projects to satisfy the local needs and to valorise the underused resources at global level.The development of the territory and the revitalization of the material and immaterial rural culture are being achieved through an ethical approach and particular attention to the social integration of disadvantaged groups.The association is a meeting point for people from all around the World, sharing the will of developing a better society and enjoy nature!

Our work is dedicated to the preservation of traditions, urban and rural regeneration, valorisation of local products, arts and crafts.We are focused on developing agriculture, culture and tourism.We learn from the history in the House of Traditions. A historical building in a rural town, where we stopped the time in the past, through a careful restoration of the spaces and the exposition and daily use of original items, tools and furniture brought by the community members.

We turned the local Elementary School garden and dismissed facilities into a Didactic Farm, where we practice bio production mixing ancient knowledge and modern technics for growing up traditional sorts of fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants. We are helping to grow up healthy the children of the school too, teaching them the value of good food, from the seeds to their dishes. There, we taking care of the last family of autochthonous donkeys. They are exchanging the favour, helping disabled people and those suffering from various diseases to feel better through onotherapy sessions.

We are helping the visitors to understand the local environment through sustainable, educative and emotional tourism. Our Ecomuseum is made of people, places, products and passion. We are mixing those elements every day, showing to our guests several thematic routes to discover the territory.